Orthotics & compression therapy

Orthotics & compression therapy


SIGVARIS has an assortment of products designed to fit your lifestyle. These products can help improve your circulation, increase your energy and aid in keeping your legs healthy. Your physician, pharmacist or SIGVARIS Certified Fitter can help you determine which SIGVARIS product is right for you. SIGVARIS guarantees the compression level in our products for 6 months.

Orthotics & compression therapy

SIGVARIS graduated compression is medicine you wear. Patients who benefit from graduated compression include:

  • People who stand or sit for long periods of time daily
  • People who have been prescribed anticoagulants
  • People who travel
  • Women who are pregnant
  • People who have had a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • People who experience swelling in their legs and feet
  • People with varicose and/or spider veins


How to Play Your Part to Keep Your Legs Healthy:

  1. Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time. Our circulation improves with physical activity, so GET UP! Take a short walk, climb stairs, or make an effort to move around the office and at home. Avoid prolonged sitting or standing as this may increase leg pain and swelling.
  2. After a long tiring day, especially during the summer, revitalize your legs with a cool shower or bath. Avoid extended exposure to heat from sunbathing, hot baths, or the sauna as excessive heat will cause your veins to dilate and may induce swelling.
  3. Elevate your legs. To boost your body’s natural circulation, elevate your legs while you are sitting on the sofa or lying in bed at home. At the office, keep a leg rest under your desk.
  4. Work out. Regular exercise helps keep your body healthy. Some sports are better for improving circulation, such as swimming, walking, biking and yoga.
  5. Control your weight. When you manage your weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise, you are more likely to have less leg symptoms and/or less swelling.
  6. Wear graduated compression socks and stockings. SIGVARIS quality compression socks and stockings improve venous circulation to prevent and treat venous problems.


Foot Orthotics are orthopaedic devices that help change and/or control biomechanical insufficiencies throughout the kinetic chain of the client's base of support. We are experts in foot orthotic fitting and fabrication techniques which allow us to provide the best solution for you. Whether a custom orthotic, over the counter orthotic, shoe modification or collaboration with another clinician.


Custom orthotics are very different from footbeds that come with footwear or over the counter orthotics. Insoles, or inserts, are commonly an off-the-shelf product and are typically found in drug stores and other retail stores. They are designed to cushion your step as you walk and provide shock absorption. Although you may find them comfortable, they are not designed to treat or help prevent biomechanical problems to the extent a custom orthotic can assist with.

Orthotics, are designed to relieve pain by realigning and supporting the bones and ligaments of your foot. They restore your foot’s natural function, reduce foot pain, redistribute pressure, and prevent and accommodate foot problems. Our orthotics are custom made to your individual feet to ensure maximum effectiveness. No two orthotics are the same.